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RSC Hungry and Thirsty Tee (White)

  • Brand: RSC
  • Product Code: T-HNT
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A piece that understands the importance of a glass of water. For a boxer who is losing weight, even a glass of water is going to be killed. Please wear this T-shirt and express appreciation for the importance of a glass of water.

Water absorbing fast drying material plus UV cutting function.

Recommended items for girls who are concerned about UV rays.

Material: 100% Polyester (Dry Cotton Touch)

                  Its finished with fluffed texture which is done with special processed polyester staple fiber. It has achieved "SOFT" feeling like cotton and it has better sweat absorbing and dry performance, better UV cut performance and better wrinkle - resistant performance compared to cotton.

Size (cm)

XS / Length 63 cm Width 45 cm Sleeve length 17 cm

S / Length 65 cm Width 49 cm Sleeve length 19 cm

M / Length 69 cm Width 52 cm Sleeve length 20 cm

L / Length 73 cm Width 55 cm Sleeve length 22 cm

XL / Length 77 cm Width 58 cm Sleeve length 24 cm

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